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A place of pristine beauty, incredible wildlife and awe-inspiring landscapes. Yellowstone; one of the world’s oldest national parks and certainly one of the most beautiful wildlife reserves in all of the Americas. A park shaped by its ancient geysers, breathtaking mountains and glorious canyons.

Yellowstone is abundant with wildlife, including bears, wolves, elk, moose, mountain lions and its most famous residents… its legendary herds of bison (just to name a few). However, what makes Yellowstone just that much more special is that these incredible creatures are surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes you will see, places like Lamar Valley, Yellowstone Lake, Grand Prismatic Spring, Hayden Valley, Mammoth Hot Springs, Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, and the world famous Old Faithful Geyser. This combination of incredible amazing wildlife and spectacular landscapes makes Yellowstone the pinnacle of the North American Safari.

Yellowstone is a park that is as beautiful as it is ancient, as pristine as it is breathtaking, and if you are a wildlife photographer, or perhaps a just a nature lover, or even someone wanting to simply get away from the daily hustle and bustle of the modern world and reconnect with nature, then Yellowstone is a must see; a place that will reignite your connection and love for our incredible planet.

Due to the size of Yellowstone, we will be staying at different lodging accommodations for this trip. The first lodging accommodation will be centrally located within Yellowstone where we will stay for a few nights; this location allows us to focus on the various features in Yellowstone’s central and southern areas of the park (geysers, waterfalls, beautiful landscapes & wildlife). We will then spend our last 2 nights at a beautiful boutique hotel in Gardiner, Montana which is located at the northern entrance of Yellowstone. The Northern areas of Yellowstone are not only very scenic, but also home to Lamar Valley where there is excellent wildlife viewing.




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