Our vision is to inspire and encourage respect and honour for all life forms whilst establishing ourselves as a reputable tour operator built upon the values of commitment, integrity and loyalty. Driven by our passion and love for nature, conservation and wildlife, we aim to create an experience is cherished and remembered. Our objective is to create awareness about the importance of conservation and ecological matters through interactive exposure to the African wilderness. Ultimately, we aspire to promote a healthier balanced lifestyle for our valued guests.

Previously a corporate citizen, Faizal Essop is a trails guide with an excess of 5 years experience conducting bush walks, camps, trails and vehicle safaris. He has a keen interest for nature and conservation and community activities. His love for the bush, wildlife, flora and fauna of the bush is untouchable. Faizal is a passionate, pro-active and takes initiative in performing daily tasks and is board member at many volunteer organisations and a speaker at schools, companies and other organisations. His passions include travel, tourism and sports. He enjoys working with, motivating, inspiring and bringing out the best amongst the youth. He believes every individual is special in their own right and has something to offer the world.

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